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Dec '13

Holiday Shop Duty.

Up into the early AM and then to the shop for the Annual Bubbles Tasting, which is always filled with people – especially at the beginning because they know we can barely stretch the bottles until 4pm.

Closed the shop at 7pm and went home to have a wonderful piece of cow (that I’d been missing in MaCow – sorry, bad pun).

I actually deglazed the pan with a little red wine, reduced it, stirred in some flour… crap, that’s gravy! (Albeit dense).

Organizing and packing Christmas stuff to go to Santa Fe… but checking FaceBook and my friend Missy isn’t feeling too good – can’t understand why chemo doesn’t make you feel good. Said she wasn’t eating much and I know she likes my Rosemary Challah (that would be an egg bread).

So, another long night – when you start baking bread at 11pm:

Delivered the loaf at 1am to a very smiling Missy.

Love you.


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