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Dec '13

Transit Day.

Apparently I don’t learn that dinner parties the night before travelling yield hangovers.

That said, it was a great night. I love cooking, I love plying boys with fresh baked bread…

But this is what I look like in the morning in the airport:

The secret to sleeping on a plane – no sleep the night before. Slept like a lamb.

Quarter Pounder with Cheese in the airport before the next flight (which I slept through) to Santa Fe.

Sis-in-law met me at the airport and suffered through the – I swear – they bring the bags one at a time from the plane to the baggage carousel – hell, it’s a roller track. And slow.

Got to El Castillo (The Castle) to hang with Mom for a couple of days.

Chat for a while and then it’s off to shopping:

  • Cheap booze to take back to Washington State (several 1.75 litters of Evan Williams), Trader Joes and Albertsons
  • Leopard print Santa Hat to replace the one I forgot in Seattle (Albertsons, not as nice as the one I left behind)

Then off to pick up dinner at the Whole Hog – went for the “Whole Hog Platter” which is:

  • pulled pork,
  • beef brisket,
  • three baby back ribs
  • beans (tasty),
  • potato salad,
  • slaw,
  • roll

Mom turned her nose up at the roll, but it was one of those dinner butter things that I scarfed down even on my low carb diet. There was enough food for the both of us, and snacks for tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I’ve got blogging to do, and I made a deal with the gay couple across the courtyard from mom’s to piggyback (not bareback) on their wi-fi – granted it’s 1-2 bars but it beats trying to do stuff on mom’s dial-up (no, not kidding) connection. Looking into fixing that.

Speaking of fixing, things to fix, or just things to organize:

  • Dishwasher – apartment size, bad to start with, bad install, cleaned lots of filters
  • Extension cords going everywhere (tomorrow)
  • Deal with the storage room (tomorrow)

Other chores:

  • Pimp spare bedroom (where I stay)

Up too late (again).

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