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Dec '13

All Day On The Train.

Up at 7:30 and off to the dining car of an uninspired omelet and even odder chicken/maple sausage – I should have trusted the Aussie from the last trip and his comments about that particular style of “sausage patty”.

Then it was back to bed until around 10:30 – trying to kick this head/sinus cold/infection like thing. I really don’t want to fly home on Friday feeling like pooh (and we aren’t talking Winnie The). Dwight made us noon reservations for lunch and 5:30 for dinner (the latest seating they had since we arrive at 9pm). Here is the view from the lunch table – Central Valley vineyards:

By mid-afternoon we were ion San Luis Obispo:

And later in the afternoon, the former Almond Exchange building, now the Derby Wine Estates:

The train actually got in half an hour early so I showed Dwight where the Metropolitan Lounge was since he had an hour and a half until his train for Fullerton in Orange County.

As for me, my buddy Craig picked me up for an overnight at his house – will be nice to have a bed that doesn’t rock back and forth. Still had Bourbon and Mixers from the trip, so we set to work on those while catching up on what’s happened in the year since I’d seen him.

How is this for a collapsible bowl:

Or would that be a bowl that turns into a chopping block?

A long day but at least I get to sleep in since my flight isn’t until 9:30pm tomorrow night.

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