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Oct '14

Status Update: New Year’s Resolutions

For those long time readers you might remember my New Year’s Resolutions…if you’ve forgotten, it’s here: https://blog.unclemarkie.com/2014/01/01/new-years-resolutions/

So, how am I coming on these goals?

  • Achieve Million Miler Status on United Airlines, which will give me United Premier Gold status for life for me and a significant other (accepting applications).
  • Achieve Elite Status On Princess Cruises, which will give me these lifetime benefits when cruising with Princess:
  • Achieve Alaska MVP Gold status by match (applied for at 12:15am) and keep it for next year by flying 40,000 flight miles. Benefits?
  • Reduce blog posts to only the interesting stuff, rather than the day-to-day stuff that I’ve been doing for the last five years – unless there is an outcry from the readers. That said, don’t expect a post until Sunday when I’m packing for my Bay Area trip and having Salamander Hellbender to dinner.
  • Get some more “billable hours” to quit sucking down my 401K. Have a lead on another “registered agent” gig.
  • Not piss off my business partner

For the benefits associated with each of the top three, go to the original post.

United Million Mile status (Gold For Life!):

Princess Elite (Black Card) status:

And Alaska MVP Gold status:

That covers all the status goals… and I still have a few more flights for the year:

  • Next week Sacramento r/t that I picked up for $96.20 to see Jameson
  • End of the month an Albuquerque r/t that I picked up when Alaska announced their new flights. $218.00 with double miles (three times for me being MVP Gold) to visit Mom
  • First week of November a 4-night cruise so flying to LA for $198.20
  • And I want to take one more train trip this year so that will be a one-way flight someplace.

As for the last three New Year’s Goals?

  • Kept blog posting to travel or event related stuff rather than day-to-day
  • Have picked up a few more billable hours… gained one and lost one this week but the one I gained pays more
  • Business Partner is still alive so that means we haven’t killed each other, and it’s worked its way into a comfortable situation.

Well, there’s my year-to-date report.


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One Response to “Status Update: New Year’s Resolutions”

  1. Eric Gowins, the senior colonel Says:

    Good for you, Markie. I applaude you.