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Mar '15

Trip Report: Spring Break Number One – Washington Coast

When you have lots of friends who are students or teachers you try (well, I do) to do sometime good for them during their spring break. In my case, I’m going on THREE spring break getaways this spring.

Number One: Two nights in Ocean Park, Washington at the WorldMark Surfside Inn, followed by a night at the Quillayute River Resort (owned by friends of mine).

The “theory” was picking up Roxy at noon on Monday. The reality was more like 1:30. Off a three day work run after a 10-day trip to Asia, sleep was my friend. And late morning packing.

Here is the route:

Just a little driving over the next couple of days! Stop number one, the WorldMark Surfside:

(Photo Courtesy of WorldMark Surfside)

Obviously the photo was taken in the summer, but here is the inside:

A little heavy on the converted motel redone a bit upscale, but it isn’t really about the view from our first floor deck (with BBQ) – even in Spring:

But it’s comfortable…

And we can cook a good meal….

And invite company to dinner, complete with crostini appetizers….

And the inevitable…

Next up, our place in Forks, Washington (of Twilight fame):

And our cabin interior (not my photo):

(Photo Courtesy of Quillayute River Resort)

Full kitchen, but tonight we are being hosted by our hosts, Chip (pictured in front of the new lodge):

And Linda (over appetizers):

Linda was the one that helped me craft my Wolf-Mink Hoodie and my Zebra Lederhosen (see links for pictures). And one of the features of the new lodge is a wood-fired oven. I don’t think I’d ever had fresh pita:

Before you knew it, we were on the road home – 4 hours from Forks to Oly, another hour home. Not helped by having a bit of a head cold, which wasn’t helped by me putting the top down on the last get:

Trip One down, Trip Two next week…God Save This Queen.


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One Response to “Trip Report: Spring Break Number One – Washington Coast”

  1. Rache Says:

    Looks like a fabulous trip. It was nice to spend time with you while at Surfside. I loved visiting. Thank you.