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Nov '15

Trip Report: Sunshine Coast of British Columbia

Friends of mine (Hummingbird & BamBam) bought a Greek Orthodox Church & Hermitage on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia.

But first I have to get there – and with the ferry on the tail end, decided to stop at the WorldMark Blaine. After dinner I have a Friend from Bellingham stopping by for a bit – student, so it’s a quick visit. Hopefully he’ll like the place:

The view – earlier and later.

And the interior:

Not bad for $56 for the night – 2-bedroom condo with a fireplace and a view – made myself a nice steak dinner, and breakfast for the boy since he was famished from studying all day.

Had the offer to do “The Owner Re-education” for breakfast and some money – passed – made breakfast for myself and headed north.

Stopped at duty-free and got a really good deal – my punch card from Pac-Can Duty Free was full – meaning $10 off on my $22 Jack Daniels 1.14 liter bottle. No THAT’S a deal. And even better – NO ONE in line, either NEXUS or regular – it was like the zombie apocalypse had passed through.

Another hour and I was in line at the ferry from Horseshoe Bay to Langdale – and the boys.

And the Indian Vegetarian Snack Stand in the parking lot.

Welcome to the jumping off point to hippy land. And the view is nice….

And a little snack that is NOT on the diet plan – wanted the soft drink, came with fries:

The approach to the island….

The boys are pretty close to the harbour (since I’m now in CanadaLand, I’ll use the Canadian spelling)…this is the Hermitage where I’m staying (4-bedrooms, full kitchen):

The church is down the hill, which, oddly, I didn’t get any pictures – complete with chapel and monastic “cells”, though the boys sleep in a more standard size bedroom. Here is the view from my deck:

This is why they call it the Sunshine Coast:

I had the Hermitage to myself except during the days for meals – which we ate together in the cat-free Hermitage. There was Tobias (Toby) that followed the boys everywhere:

Yep, that’s a whippet – strangely a whippet that has never raced which is a rarity – most are rescue dogs, a lot from Spain.

Good meals, good times:


In the morning (late) it was off to town on an errand run… and lunch! Off to Gibbons we go through the fog:

Lunch is in the old part of Gibsons….

Cute little town, complete with a sushi restaurant (our choice after checking out the menus of the places that were open). That would be Sushi Bar Nagomi.

We both got the “box set lunch special” for $10 CAD – with BamBam getting the noodle salad option, and me getting the gyoza option – both came with Miso Soup and a California Roll. $9 for the large Saké. I love their FaceBook review sign in the window: “No Tempura, No [Something Else], Just Fresh Seafood.” True it was.

Back to the house for dinner – just staying the two nights. But not before a little Jinga:

Yep – open floor plan!

Lamb Roast on a bed of potatoes, salad, blood of Christ.

And before you knew it, I was on the road back to Seattle, straight through so I can get ready for dinner with friends on Friday.


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