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Jan '16

Trip Report:

Pigletté In Vietnam – Seventh Leg: Saïgon Museums & Markets, Second Day

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When I travel – I’m not one of those people who does stuff in the morning, then has lunch at some Michelin-rated restaurant, afternoons seeing some other museum before dinner at another Michelin-rated restaurant prior to the opera – that kind of pace exhausts me just thinking about it. I’m more the one museum/one temple-church-graveyard a day kinda a guy.

A little dim sum for brunch….

And we start today with a Buddhist temple:

Temple. Check.

Next up, our museum for the day. This one will be the opposite of yesterday’s time capsule – The War Remnants Museum (formerly the Exhibition House for Crimes of War and Aggression)

The grounds are littered with old military equipment…and Sean got this picture of me with my Hello Kitty motorcycle helmet still on my head…

And more equipment…

These two shots should give you an idea about the “theme” of the exhibits:

And my favorite – the listing of “puppet” a.k.a. South Vietnamese forces:

Not just the US that is represented – there is an entire exhibit devoted to the French occupation and their Prisoner of War camps. Hence, the guillotine:

The rest of the exhibit was quite graphic including cells with posed emaciated dummies, so no pictures of those. Also – no pictures from the room detailing the atrocities from the use of Agent Orange. To be honest, I grazed over the exhibits rather than wading through the propaganda – I did find the section of War Photographers most interesting.

There was a little more military equipment inside:

Three floors and outside exhibits – a bit on the depressing side, but defiantly on everyone’s agenda. I heard, French, Russian, Spanish, and of-course, English and Vietnamese.

Museum. Check.

Must be time for our coffee shop stop – back to yesterday’s chain since Sean’s favorite shop seems to have closed (turns out it just moved). And Pigletté gets to try on some traditional hats be bought at the museum:

That would be hats for Pigletté, BóBó, and Mr. Lobster. Today’s Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf branch is a two-story affair, so we get a bit of a city view:

Home for a nap and cocktails – the former didn’t happen, the latter did.

Tonight – Indian Food delivered to the door – these days of sightseeing are leaving us exhausted and unwilling to leave the comfort of the apartment:

Damn tasty.

Tomorrow Sean returns to work, and I’ll explore the city on my own.


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Pigletté In Vietnam – Seventh Leg: Saïgon Museums & Markets, Second Day

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