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Jul '16

Home Report: Jonathan Fixes The Honkin’ Huge Printer

You might remember a couple of weeks ago (maybe a month) when I posted this video:

And said I was just going to roll the Honkin’ Huge Printer to the curb – until Jonathan volunteered to install a new carriage belt – so, this is really a HUGE HONKIN’ SHOUTOUT to Jonathan. Thanks – I’ve already printed all the tourist maps I’ll need for my upcoming Puerto Vallarta trip.

A pro can do this in an hour….Jonathan took longer, but was meticulous in his effort:

As the parts pile up in the living room – you really DO have to break this thing down to the carcass to get to this belt:

That pesky belt – it’s supposed to be in one piece, not shredded:

And his reward!

Thank you Jonathan for fixing my printer.


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One Response to “Home Report: Jonathan Fixes The Honkin’ Huge Printer”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    Glad to have been able to save the plotter from whatever fate might have come from the curbside…and my God, I am really starting to go bald! You never get to see the top of your own head like that until one day someone snaps a photo of you…and then your life is changed forever.

    Oh, well…life goes on, I will adapt.