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Feb '17

Trip Report: A Couple Of Days In Santa Fe

This week is just a quick trip to visit the sis-in-law and husband — my only remaining connection to New Mexico. And for $188.20 round-trip, why not. Hell, the rental car was half the airfare.

No upgrade on the way down but the plane was one of the new three-class planes so free drinks and a snack box, but yet another service dog — this one I believe is a real one. Thank goodness the middle seat was open!

One of the quickest and easiest rental car pickups — I was on my way in minutes. It’s about an hour to Santa Fe — made longer by a stop at Albertsons for supplies (i.e. whiskey and mixer).

I still beat sis-in-law home by about five minutes!

A lovely meal of grilled pork chops and a nice bottle of red I brought. It was an early night for them, and by my standards, an early night for me.

This trip is really about visiting them rather than doing anything in town, and their place is really relaxing to hang out. Unlike yesterday when it was 72 degrees and sunny when I landed, today is overcast and in the 60’s – still nice compared to Seattle:

which is why for dinner on night number two, I popped over to the market and picked up a chicken and combined it with some of their veg for a wonderful roasted chicken…

Tonight’s wine was a Spanish White Box wine that I’ve gotten sis hooked on, now I have to track down who distributes it in New Mexico.

Another early evening (I am on holiday after all).

The final meal is at the Santa Fe Bite for a green chili cheeseburger (sis had that street tacos):

Before I knew it, it was time to return the car and catch my plane:

No upgrade, no premium class, and every seat filled on the plane. Sigh.


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