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Mar '17

Trip Report: Charleston Mileage Run

For the third time in six months, I’m on the plane for South Carolina…for less than an hour and $260. In return I get another 4830 flight miles toward MVP Gold (and free flights), and 4830 Bonus Miles (towards free flights).

Oh, and it’s four and a half hours to get there, five and a half to get home. Welcome to my Wednesday – which starts early.

My plane is the one behind the 75th Anniversary Alaska Airlines livery.

And they’ve upgraded not just the airport, but interiors…this is premium cabin seating:

Which give you 4-5 more inches of knee room,

And I scored one of the few empty middle seats – not first, but not coach:

Not to mention free booze, and usual (they under catered this flight) a snack box:

Sadly, on the return flight after a quick burger, the middle seat was occupied:

So, that’s how I spent my Wednesday.

Uber’d home:

Was exhausted. Fixed a cocktail, half of it remained on the nightstand – went to bed.

For those that wonder why I would choose to spent my days playing “The Game”, I’m headed to Tokyo and Nagoya Business Class at the end of the month, in July I’m headed to Vietnam Business Class, and in November I’m in Coach (hoping to upgrade) to Uruguay. All on miles. Each of those tickets was basically $100 in fees.


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