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May '17

Home Report: Channeling My Mother

I know it’s not Mother’s Day yet, but apparently, I was channeling my mother this evening. One of the (many) things my mother taught me to do is sew. In honesty, I hate hand sewing and loathe sewing on buttons. Sadly, in the past I’ve recycled shirts when too many buttons fall off.

Tonight, it started when my phone hit the floor, thankfully padded by a bouncy case, and a holster made from neoprene – but the stitching gave out, I’d probably made the case years ago for two phones ago.

Time to haul out the sewing machine, my mother’s college graduation present, Kenmore (made my White) sewing machine.

Since the case was already at the end of its life, machine is out, make a new case that fits better – and so the adventure begins. More of an adventure because I have all these squares of neoprene from the remnants bin at a GREAT fabric store if you are into recreational sports sewing: Seattle Fabrics, on Aurora, just north of 85th, by DancingBear’s house. Neoprene, Gortex, Sunbrella fabrics – none of this stuff is cheap (even the remnants), but it’s cool to work with.

So, new phone case, been there done it for a dozen years. I like them to hang on a carabiner from a belt loop so I don’t sit on them. It started with one, then morphed into four (apparently, I have lots of chunks of neoprene laying around):

And then it was like “what they hell”, I’ll do phone cases for all of my pants colors!

Above you see the blue Hawaiian print with the carabiner hook, and all the other colors I decided to do

Sadly – I only got four of them sewed before the battle-axe of a sewing machine started binding up – oil didn’t help, but pulling it part I finally found a huge hairball in it.

Cranking betting, but I’m going to let the oil penetrate overnight.

Thanks mom for teaching me how to sew – never got the hang of shirts, but I’ve made curtains for all the houses I’ve lived in.


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