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Jul '17

Home Report: 3rd of July Hot Dog Party

Doesn’t everyone host 18 people for hot dogs the night before getting up at 4am to leave town for 10 days, taking the rare weekend off?

Had the dogs stashed in the freezer, but needed buns!

And some additional kinds of Ginger Ale for the Ginger Ale tasting portion of the 3rd of July Hot Dog Party.

The vats next to the ginger ale are (left to right), a dry-style 80 proof Anise Brandy, 80-proof chipped up Jack Daniel’s barrels 80-proof Brandy, and finally an 80-proof Botanical Brandy (think Gin for the taste profile). All made from upcycled bad wine.

But, this falls into the category of, “You can order anything off of Amazon.”

That said – I did get a note that even though I was a Prime Member, that it would take 3 days rather than the standard 2-day delivery. Considering the box weighed 150# and was 2 feet by 4 feet by 3 feet and it shipped for free, I wasn’t complaining. Everything came from Lord Master Amazon, the black baskets, the food sheets, the hot dog trays, the condiment dispenser.

Since lots of people took the 3rd off (Monday), to go with the 4th – it was party time, though earlier (4-9pm) since I’m leaving in the morning.

A diverse mix of people – including some headed to the same place that I am tomorrow, albeit with a MUCH better routing.

And the weather cooperated – marine layer all day until about 4 when it burned off and warmed up enough for us to be outside.

Most everyone was actually gone by 9PM, with the exception of my neighbors who both had to work the 3rd so they were delayed arriving – and even they were gone by 10pm. Sadly, I still didn’t get to bed until midnight. Four hours of sleep before a long trip…I’m wondering how many ends my candle has at 60.

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