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Oct '17

Trip Report: Trip Report: New Orleans For Pre-Birthday Celebration – The End

Damn, damn, damn, behind in my reports!

My final day in New Orleans – checked out a few minutes before noon and jumped on the street car headed to Canal Street, looking for a particular piece of tourist glassware for Randy and Kathy’s Christmas Present – I need to outdo last year.

Shockingly, I found it in the third store I went into – though to be honest, the second one I went into was a “head shop” filled with pretty stoner guys.

Didn’t go into this store, but I loved the sign:

Shopping done, it was time for lunch – and why not get fried chicken at a daiquiri place!

That is the “small” daquiri with my chicken, mashed potatoes and roll.

Since my flight isn’t until late in the afternoon, it time to get some more use out of my Jazzy Pass – took the St. Charles streetcar to the end of the line and then back to the condo to grab my luggage. A shot from the adventure:

Grabbed my bag and Uber’d to the airport:

There goes another $33.

Got a snack at the airport bar – crab cakes, which were good, but the presentation was awful.

Poked around the airport, found some interesting local junk food:

Stopped at another small bar for a quick cocktail, got talking to the bartender about wine, my shop, the trade tasting on Wednesday, and before I knew it, she was having me sample one of their more popular ones:

Finally boarded, got settled in my favorite seat (1C), and set about enjoying myself.

I love knowing I’ll be up front with all the toys:

Before I knew it, I was back home, in my own bed.

Off to work in the morning.

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