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Jan '18

Home Report: Twelve Hours To Party

Nothing like being home twelve hours between trips – and have a dinner party. Got back from the coast at 3:30pm, got up for my flight at 3:30am the next morning.

And it was a wild dinner party – thanks to a new device in my kitchen. That would be a shot chiller that dispenses Sweet Vermouth and Bourbon. Just add a cherry and some bitters to a martini glass, and press the buttons for 14-degree chilled liquor to come out the spout:

It works so well, Jonathan was able to prove that you can use the TV to make drinks!

Much fun was had, which might have been why I overcooked the pork a bit. For your amusement, some pictures from dinner:

Wow, no pictures of the food, other than the shrimp appetizer. Might be a new record.

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