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Feb '18

Trip Report: Dublin Bound

Off again – this time on a 10-day holiday. That would be LONG for me. Off to Ireland and England to visit friends and maybe explore a new thing or two.

And for those of you with questions about why I book all those “mileage runs”, it’s so I can use my miles to fly my international trips sitting up front.

But first, I have to get there – two chunks: Seattle to Philadelphia in Alaska First, then Philadelphia to Dublin in American Business.

Settled in with my Tablet and cocktails.

Followed by breakfast….


Long layover in Philadelphia, where I found a Lego Liberty Bell…

…on the way to the Admirals Club to enjoy some scratch-made guacamole (and booze, and soup).

Soon enough, onto the red-eye flight to Dublin…

That would be the Cole Haan Amenity Kit.

And then the food service starts…

Later, I had them fire up the espresso machine for an espresso and Amaretto. Wish I’d have gotten a better picture:

Before I put the lay flat bed in the lounger position to watch a couple of 80’s movies, including fast times at Ridgemont High.

Only a six-hour flight, so before you know it, MORE FOOD – in the form of breakfast!

I’d requested Champagne with my breakfast…and since I was the only one, they just left the bottle with me!

Even managed to get a picture of the crew rest area on this Airbus A330:

Sadly, I didn’t get through the bottle…it was still there AFTER we landed, still with a quarter to a third of a bottle left. Guess I needed help to finish it.

Time to grab a cab and head to Jeff and Mindi’s place in the city.

More tomorrow.

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