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Mar '18

Home Report: The Washer/Dryer Saga Continued

Well, it finally came – the brand-new replacement washer/dryer for my brand-new washer/dryer.

The replacement they installed for free (saving me the trouble), and I was amazed how they moved it in. Sadly, the pictures didn’t turn out as the flash freaked out on the reflective strip on their clothing.

Long/short of it, they used two pieces of thick, 3-inch webbing under the washer/dryer, and the two guys strapped it to themselves, lifted it and moved it into position. No handtruck with wheel marks on the floor, nothing. Yes, my washer/dryer is back, and working.

The previous error (that they replaced the machine for) was E2 – now, I’m getting an E4 error. Seriously, before I’ve finished my first load of laundry!

Went to the web and looked up the error codes – this one was basically, “water not hot enough”. It’s an evaporative drying system – they forgot to turn on the hot water supply line!

That fixed, I finally get this message on the display:

Only six more loads to go – and this machine can take the duvet cover that hadn’t been washed in a year.

Here is the baby in it’s home with the counter top and vacuum seal machine on top:

So nice that it showed up on Thursday, so I could host a dinner on Friday, which clean napkins. The rare five-person table:

Had to pull out the leaf and get both the extra chairs out of the closet. But this dinner was well worth it!

Pre-dinner cocktails, a magnum of bubbles with the dinner of Pickling Spice Shrimp Boil and some seriously spicy Asian Slaw and some seasoned rice to take the edge off.

It must have been the shrimp – or the late dinner wine that caused a scene:

Well, a scene in furs.

Off to work in the morning, pity me. At least the pile of laundry I didn’t get done in Denver and Berkeley is done.

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