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Jun '18

Trip Report: Picton To Wellington – Day Six

Yep, I really took the ferry to Picton:

  • For the ferry ride
  • So I could say I’ve been to the South Island

Didn’t even try any of the world-famous Marlborough wine while actually in Marlborough.

It seems a lot of hotel in New Zealand have a check out time of 10am – which seems a tad early to me. The Beachcomber does, the Ramada in Auckland did. The only 11am checkout was the James Cook.

With an afternoon sailing I dumped my bags at the front desk and headed out to rustle up some breakfast – which turned out to be a different version of Eggs Benedict at the Wave Café:

Not as good as yesterdays, but it least it was an English Muffin.

Here are some shots of “downtown” Picton:

You can’t tell it, but there is a good 20mph “breeze” – enough that the locals are joking as to whether the ferry will be running — FYI, this is NOT taken as a joke by me, who is on fixed schedule at this point.

Walked back to the Inn, read a chapter, then had them call me a shuttle. No Uber, no cabs, just a NZ$10 shuttle. I’d walked up the hill last night, I’m not dragging that luggage down the hill in a 20mph breeze!

Even the shuttle driver wasn’t sure the ferry was running until we got to the terminal and saw lots of people. Whew! The boat is pulling in.

And unloading:

And eventually loading us. Unlike yesterday’s ferry, we load on the car deck, dodging trucks:

But soon, I’m in my comfort zone, The Lounge:

Slightly larger than yesterday’s lounge, and without direct access to the outside, which is OK since its doing a light rain thing, along with the 20mph breeze. The starters are laid out:

And soon, lunch, with is lamb shanks and all the fixings, arrive:

I’m starting with the Cuveé Brut…

Later on, they lay out the scones and whipped cream…

All under this watchful sign by the door, above some watertight paper bags:

Wandering around the deck, found that you could also rent a stateroom for the three-hour boat ride (NZ$40):

Though, technically, that’s a nursery/changing room, my shot of the stateroom didn’t come out, but it’s the same size, just insert two beds.

Didn’t spend any time on the deck sightseeing – as this was the view where you can see the chop (and the other ferry company’s boat on this route):

Fading light as we got back to Wellington – and this gentleman’s bag takes the prize for standing out on a luggage carousel:

Short shuttle to the train station, which the Waterloo Hotel (formerly Downtown Backpackers) is right across the street.

It’s a Deco-era building that has retained some of its glory, like the floor indicator lights (though not working):

Yes, its vertical at eye level. And I love what they have done with the elevator. Not sure how you fireproof an Oriental rug….

I got a private room, en-suite bath, no TV. The one I’d previous booked, but then had to cancel had a double bed, not that the room would have been much bigger:

Yes, those are bunk beds – and if you have beer, there is an opening in the bathroom:

But some of the old tilework is still there:

Since the rain started up again, I opted for dinner at the hotel/hostel:

Thai beef salad (NZ$15), a little on the grisly side:

The large café/dining room area. Down the hall is the bar and pool table:

Mix of ages, skewing closer to the 20/30’s, but saw other people my age as well – probably because it’s right across from the train station and the train to Auckland leaves at 7:55am.That way I’M here.

The best thing about my room? The view:

The train station, all lite up.

Posted a blog entry, then went to be – early morning tomorrow.

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