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Mar '19

Trip Report: Vegas – Friends And Food

The main reason for the trip was the tour of the Nevada National Security Site, but you have to eat and hang out as well!

After the tour, we actually went out for a nice dinner – a rarity for us since we all are good cooks, but someone (Jonathan) was in the mood for Prime Rib. After a full day, I refused to go to a casino with the bad memories of my unexpected trip to Vegas last month due to a flight diversion. We ended up, upscale, at Lawry’s, which the original location is in LA, and I’ve heard many people wax poetic.

Cocktails, appetizers, the works (well, no dessert).

Then salads….

And then the big hunks of meat served in a big meat zeppelin!

Yes, a good time was had – and we had leftovers!

But we also cooked in the condo…

And Rache and I had lunch after the Mob Museum at the Triple George Grill

Ruben for me…

Clam chowder and salad for Rache:

Another fun trip to Vegas, with nary a foot inside of a casino.


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