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Jun '19

Trip Report: Portland For A Food Show

Got back on the train headed to Portland (from my overnight stop in Centralia) at this wonderful 1912 station:

This time I’m travelling in coach, but it was in the transition car with Bistro at the other end, so the seating layout was the same as Business, just no coupon for $3.00 or newspapers. It’s only an hour and a half, so no bit deal considering I get 20% off Bistro items when I use my Amtrak Mastercard. No photo – sorry.

Hello Portland!

And hello to the new WorldMark Portland Waterfront after a short Uber ride:

And some of their common areas:

And our room!

Dinner tonight is a LeChon – specializing in South American dishes. We started with Martinis (how South American!), and then ordered several small plates: pork belly with leek griddle cake, asparagus, and our favorite, the grilled octopus:

The main reason for the trip was a food show by one of my suppliers – two floors of food, snacks and WAY too much cheese. Again, no photos – it was sensory overload of samples to eat, samples to take home and I could only take it for an hour. Had to go back to the condo (via the liquor store) and take a nap. The fact that we were running around the city in 90-degree heat didn’t help.

Evening found us entertaining a mutual old friend for a couple of cocktails and conversation before heading out to Portland Burger for some take-out. It was a good decision since the place was also a music venue and loud as crap.

Had to check out by noon – and our train wasn’t until 3:30, so off to Jakes Crawfish for a decadent lunch courtesy of a $50 certificate (but the bill was another $50 on top of that). Jakes is one of my treats – Martinis, oysters, and salads.

Off to the train station – an access to the lounge for both of us (courtesy of me being in Business Class) was a nice end to our visit. Rache is getting off in Kelso.

I’ll close with some scenery shots from the train home:

I do love a good train trip.


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