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Oct '19

Trip Report: Saigon, Part Three

Michael’s flight back isn’t until noon, so we have time for breakfast at the hotel:

And the rooftop views are WONDERFUL!

After Michael leaves, I stay on until closer to checkout – got to get my money out of the room (and Sean is teaching until 5pm). Looks like we had a party in the room!

And I realized I never put an exterior shot of the hotel on the blog:

Wondering the neighborhood, I actually found TWO wine shops, not including the fancy grocery store which also carried wine. OF course, it was from everywhere EXCEPT Vietnam:

And let me tell you, there must be some heavy import duties on wine with the prices I saw.

Grabbed a Grab back to Sean’s for the next two nights. Took a long walk around his neighborhood, and found something amazing to me – this guy is splicing fiber optic cable:

On close inspection, most of what is on the pole was fiber.

My walk got cut short with the usual afternoon rainstorm – meaning I didn’t find a place to eat, so back to the Family Mart downstairs from Sean’s it was…for this healthy meal:

We had better food once Sean got off work – and I even picked up a split of the local Vietnamese wine…

And Sean shared some Vietnamese dessert wine (which was better than the red – which was just sort of “flat”).

One of the features that we didn’t take advantage of during my visit is the 2nd floor deck/pool area.

Guess I’ll have to come back for another visit!

Final day in the city was more wandering and taking random photos…

All that was left was a final Thai dinner at Thai Blah Blah, a couple of blocks away through the park, where at night people learn to roller skate, salsa, you name it:

It was a lovely final meal!

Tomorrow I head back to the states. Stay tuned.

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