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Apr '20

Home Report: Time Travel

As you all know, I live to travel, which, sadly hasn’t happened recently, and it’s looking maybe by the end of May, maybe.

About a year ago, I was on a quest to find a world clock with the ability to display four time zones at a glance to help with my every present travel bug.

VERSION ONE: Four matching analog clocks.


  • Easy to read at a glance


  • Tags too small to read the city
  • No clue if that’s AM or PM
  • No clue what day it is
  • No automatic adjustment for daylight savings time

If you wee wondering why one of the clocks is half an hour off from the others—say hello to India. Just to make it fun, Nepal is fifteen minutes off of India.

VERSION TWO: Four matching digital alarm clocks.


  • Shows AM/PM
  • Shows date
  • Shows day of the week


  • Doesn’t show city
  • Limited viewing angle (like only when I’m sitting on the couch looking directly at it)
  • Doesn’t automatically adjust for daylight savings time

VERSION THREE: Three mismatched laptop and tablets resting in the garage (was testing proof of concept before I fired up another on)


  • Shows city
  • Show AMPM
  • Shows day of the week
  • Automatically adjusted for daylight savings time


  • Day of the week too small to read at a distance
  • They seem to want to keep updating themselves
  • Not sure if the fourth one will fit up there

Sadly, I’m still not there yet. Close, but not yet. I’ve seen the one I want, but I’m too cheap to pay the $750 to $1000 on the vinyl lettered one:

And REALLY too cheap to spend the $1700 to $2000 for the ones with LED cities:

Who know, maybe I have a VERSION FOUR in me.


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One Response to “Home Report: Time Travel”

  1. Susan Campbell Says:

    Hey Mark
    I was scheduled to finally go home on March 30tth
    Guess What? COVID-19 !
    Second time I was going home
    Stuck here Again