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Dec '20

Trip Report: Pod Buddy Getaway to Discovery Bay

A little midweek getaway with my Pod Buddy Bliss…

A stay-in-mostly trip to Discovery Bay, on the peninsula west of Port Townsend, east of Port Angeles.

Didn’t remember to take a shot of the resort, so I grabbed the one off the WorldMark site:

Mind you, we were up the hill a bit. We were in Unit 31:

Two-bedroom place, with enough space for keeping a distance.

And a change of views for both of us, even though Bliss does have a cabin on Hood Canal that he has spent a ton of Covid-time at.

So chill that I only took one food shot…but it was a good one:

Pork off the grill, some crawfish, salad, a little wine.

Nice to get out of the city for a couple of nights.

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