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Jan '21

Trip Report: Overnight On Hood Canal

One of my podmates, Bliss, has a cabin on the Hood Canal. It’s been years since I’ve been out there. Doesn’t help that it doesn’t have a shower (at the moment), but thought I’d try an overnight. Glad I did.

It had been dumping rain in Seattle, but the day of the trip, suddenly, the sun was out. Should have taken the Miata, but I had the Escapé loaded with kindling and necessities.

Some hiccups getting out there, but in the end, here I am:

The steps are new and not quite done, but they really MAKE the house pop. Formerly you had to go around the left-hand side of the house.

This is a high tide. Yesterday when the storms were in, apparently it was crazy with wind, rain, waves.

The original entrance to the house was on the roadside, it a space that is now the bathroom. When Kevin was growing up, it was his grandparent’s cabin, there was just an outhouse.

Kevin has a daily ritual of feeding the seagulls. The choice is between them, and noisy crows. Apparently, they stay out of each other’s territory.

The cabin itself is quaint…


But Bliss has a big-ass propane BBQ on the deck for our steaks!

And as you can see, it’s fluffy robes at the cabin (bring your own):

Was having such a good time, no pictures of the dinner…mixed greens with sesame dressing, riced cauliflower, New York Strip steaks from Belfair’s Safeway 50% off rack.

But I did get a picture of the lovely breakfast, complete with homemade gluten-free blueberry muffins!

Headed back to Seattle after breakfast (which was a noon) and it was a stunning drive back…

Yes, that is Mount Tahoma (Rainier) peaking out in both photos.

And tonight, my dinner back at home was my leftover steak turned into a Chef Salad:

Sadly, I forgot to add the bacon — oh well, more for tomorrows eggs.

It was only a day, but after the rain and being locked up, it was much needed. Thanks Bliss!

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