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Oct '21

Home Report: First Large Event In Eighteen Months

Couple of weeks ago saw a TV ad for the Seattle Opera production of La Boheme. Years ago, I had season tickets, many, many years ago, my late Microsoft early consulting period.

I loved my seats; side box, two seats in the row, front row, view of the pit as well as 90% of the stage.

Full admission. I was drinking and using the computer. Pulled the trigger when I realized that one of my old seats was open for a Saturday performance – learned much later that it was the open night of the season after 18-months of closure. Happy accident.

Everyone attending had to be vaccinated or have a test within 72 hours:

And it was checked, but it’s a performance, and there are lots of people:

Drinks for us both, snacks for me:

Rache (who I neglected to mention was with me) was in Helene’s seat further up and on the other side of the hall (but with better acoustics). Here are some shots of my seat:

And the view:

Sorry for the fuzzy shot of the pit.

Turns out I was sitting next to one of the principal singer’s husband!

Cocktails at half-time:

And the final curtain.

My comment to my seat mate to pass on to his wife: “Please tell your wife you were sitting next to a blubbering mess of a guy.” His response was priceless: “She’ll love that.”

Seems Rache had the same emotions.

A lovely opera followed by burgers and fries at Dicks.

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