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Oct '21

Trip Report: 21st C Museum Hotel In Cincinnati

Rarely to I do a whole report on ONE hotel, but this one was special right down to the restaurant.

Even the front desk is stunning:

Not cheap to park – it’s Cincinnati for goodness sake!

Room is nice:

After throwing our bags down, we headed downstairs for dinner at Metropole (menu link):

They have thoughtfully kept all the beautiful architectural elements while bringing the rest up to modern standards.

Rache started with the Caesar Salad – one of the best I’ve sampled:

I started with the Crispy Deviled Eggs:

And then the mains. Rache went for the shrimp dish:

And I went for the “kid’s-sized” cheeseburger – still didn’t finish it! Can’t imagine the Black Hawk Smash Burger which is 2x of everything.

And for some reason – they send you home with their signature cotton candy:

But the real draw of the hotel is the art. Two floors of modern art and because of COVID-19, only open to the hotel guests. Take a look:

Detail from the above piece:

A lot to take in in one evening!

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2 Responses to “Trip Report: 21st C Museum Hotel In Cincinnati”

  1. Ruby Colette Says:

    Wow, UM! The menu looks scrumptious—I’ve been craving scallops—and the art is fantastic. I was going to ask who was lounging behind the desk until I saw the larger photo. What flavor was the cotton candy? I bought some once that was coconut flavored. I didn’t know they were allowed to do that. I love the rug/mat that looks like a slice of wood as well as the squiggly design ones. Thanks for this mini-trip.

  2. UncleMarkie Says:

    It was a truly wonderful space. Probably $170 a night with tax, which isn’t my normal range — but it was worth it.