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Nov '21

Trip Report: Vancouver With A Side Mileage Run to Calgary

This trip was planned months ago to see friends after the shutdown. It morphed into something else later.

NO LINE at the border – Canadian’s aren’t allowed over land borders until November 9th.

Made it to the condo a little before three – I’d said I’d be there between 3 and 4, but when I said I was checking in, they said, “Mr. Souder?” – I can’t be the only one checking in, but I appreciated the greeting.

Two-bedroom, hit the lottery as it has a balcony!

Went next door to Relish to enjoy their Happy Hour – pulled pork tacos, and a double highball…

Did grocery shopping on the way in, but just me at the table tonight – probably just as good because I have a mileage run in the morning.

WHY. A Mileage Run on Air Canada. To complete a matching Aeroplan 75K Match (used my top-level Delta Diamond Elite membership). Comes with Lounge Membership – even when I’m travelling domestically in the US (the real reason I jumped through the hoops). And it started with a SkyTrain ride. Bought the Senior Card when my groceries on the way to the condo.

An because I’m a NEXUS member, no line at security…

And I’m into the Maple Leaf Lounge:

But the better menu is online:

The Sweet Pea Arancini:

And soon we are boarding…

And it’s a 737-8 MAX, which I’ve never flown before:

I used eCertificates to upgrade (10 days out they cleared) which were part of the VERY GENEROUS match offer. I’ve met the challenge and spent less than $200USD to hit Air Canada’s top level (unless you are invited to their super-secret-special-probation we will move you between gates in a Porsche level).

In First you get food (and drink):

And scenery coming into Calgary:

Calgary has a nice airport:

But it was a hike to the Maple Leaf Lounge – enough time for pictures:

Back on board more food:

Took SkyTrain back to the condo, found a closer station. And now my card has a negative $1 balance!

Back at the condo, waiting for Solus+ and Tantalus who are bringing dinner – at least I have nibbles!

So much fun that there are no pictures – but it was STUNNING!

The next day, I’m out for lunch at Sushi Maki, a block down the street for a $12.95 Lunch Special:

Life is good in Vancouver!

Suddenly heard tubas and drums out the window (not your usual street busker sounds) and found a small protest march:

Even better for dinner company, which again, was so fun, no time for pictures.

Sadly, had to be out and on the road by 10am.

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