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Nov '21

Trip Report: Palm Springs For Pride – Getting There

On the road again – escaping the dismal winter that has dumped more rain than the rivers can handle.

Caesars at the Alaska Lounge as Rache and I set off for San Francisco, and onto Palm Springs. Fortunately, our 6AM flight was cancelled, and they rebooked up on a later flight – but still in First.

Real food is being served again in First:

And we were on an A320 with the new First-Class seats – which will eventually be retrofitted on the rest of the fleet:

Our stop in San Francisco (when you want to use upgrades, you take the routing they give you) meant we could experience the new Alaska Lounge in San Francisco:

E175 to Palm Springs and I snagged 1A at the last minute – combo window and aisle:

Rache’s friends grabbed us from the airport and got us to the condo quickly – which was ready and waiting for us:

And after I remodeled the furniture position:

Dinner in the first night once Bliss arrived – he had come down several days before to see an ex:

I’ll pick this up tomorrow with the next post.


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