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Nov '21

Trip Report: Palm Spring For Pride – Part Three

Well, today is the parade. 10am kick off right in front of the condo – which is why I booked a unit on the front of the building. It’s the reason I’m down here again this year. So, I set my alarm for 8am since they assemble right in front of the condo.

And Parade means Caesars!

With a piece of bacon, and a sprig of asparagus. We don’t do things halfway – dusted with Mexican Tajin Spice mix. Little bit of Canada and Mexico.

Even at 8am parade floats/teams were starting to assemble:

Got the table set up for guests we are expecting:

And more floats show up:

And to give you a clue – I put the table out in front of our door (patio has a high wall):

Front row seat – with bathroom access! And from the street:

And then our guests started to show up – bringing Jell-O shots!

And more shots from the parade:

After to parade, we all hung out for a bit before everyone went their own way:

And some of the swag I scored:

The above from the local podiatrist! A spongy stress reliver left foot.

And a shot that Rache took:

What a day.


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