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Nov '21

Trip Report: Palm Springs For Pride – Part Four (The End)

All good things have to come to an end – it’s been a fun week in the sun.

The last full day found Rache and I out to lunch with margaritas (his regular, mine, blood orange)

We had wanted to eat at Inca – but they weren’t open (even though the website said they would be). We had ordered and gotten our drinks and then they started setting up tables at Inca at 12:15. Guess that is Palm Springs time.

Chips were hot and fresh, the salsa good. Ceviché wasn’t as good as next door, but it was plentiful:

If we all look orange, it is the sun bleeding through the orange canopies.

Rache headed his way after lunch, me mine, which was back to the condo to sit in the hot tub with Bliss:

With Daylight Savings Time, it soon looked like this:

Spent the evening doing laundry and eating leftover chicken noodle soup.

Washed my Converse Chucks, but in the dryer, they kept kicking the door open – my solution:

And had to pack up the tornado that my room had become:

Had to unzip the gusset because of all the extra clothes. Damn thrift store!


Early flight:

Airplane breakfast:

Not what we ordered (Turkey Protein Platter), but it was all they had on offer. Could of been worse, though that is a lot of dried fruit.

Was home before noon, Rache headed for the coast, I headed for bed.


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