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Aug '22

Trip Report: Boise 2X

Normally I don’t do mileage runs in summer. Too many crazy clueless travelers – and pissed off angry, entitled, travelers this Summer of Revenge Traveler…but here I am.

And here I am a few minutes before opening:

That is my carry-on for the day. Reading material and room for snacks.

That is a Virgin Mary that I’m taking on the plane to add vodka since the bar doesn’t open until 6am, which is when I’m boarding. Sadly, no Clamato.

Leg One:

Sadly, no jet bridge, lots of walking:

But a nice sunrise view from the window/aisle seat:

And inflight service in First:

Welcome to Boise for the first to two turns:

Complete with beer by the can in the gift shop – don’t worry, there was some in the cooler as well:

Overall, a really nice airport, and now an Alaska mini-hub with direct flights to Seattle, Austin, Portland, Sacramento, San Francisco, and others. And add a distillery gastro pub:

On their online menu, they had a Rueben with KimChee that sounded excellent. My back up was the fish tacos, sadly, neither were on the menu – when I learned from the waitress that neither were on the airport menu, just in town.

That said, she said the chef could whip up a version of fish tacos (deep-fried rather than pan fried cod)…she often has chef make it for her employee meal since he makes it for his.

It was STUNNINGLY good, and the right amount of food for flyinig (i.e., no fries)

After a couple of hours, it was time to return to Seattle:

Back in Seattle, and back in the lounge:

And some excellent plane spotting:

Love the “N” Alaska Lounge for its comfortable furniture, excellent cocktails, and the STUNNING views.

And time for round two, and I found some Calmato in that lounge – they wee down to a couple of small cans. Supply chain issues (they should go to Safeway, who has it):

And more views:

And bang, I’m back in Boise, but this time, it’s a straight turn-around, but with a ¼ mile walk to the terminal and back:

Yes, it was Monday’s number.

But there was a problem with our plane. The Accessory Power Unit wasn’t working for air conditioning on the ground, nor could their mobile units in 95+ degree outside temps, which meant the plane for 45 minutes on the ground with everyone in their seats and 90 minutes on the ground also with everyone in their seat. It resulted in me using my less than clean snot rag from my back pocket to keep the heat cramps at bay, barely:

Please notice the expression. Couldn’t even finish this, had to switch to Diet Coke:

But…some views, including both a Boise and Seattle sunset, along with finally being able to get a decent shot of Mount Rainier:


Couple of shots at the chaos that was baggage claim — 16 carousels of hell:

And where I was by 10PM:

End of Addedum.

The things I do to keep status on Alaska (and OneWorld).


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