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Aug '22

Home Report: Lots Of Visitors!

It must be summer in Seattle – everyone is showing up!

Well, the first isn’t a guest, I was the guests – but these are dear friends from the wine shop that invited me for cocktails!

Not the best picture but shows the joy in the evening.

Then, my “nephew” from Nagoya, Japan and his wife Yurika roll into town for a night before heading to Sequim and family…

And Julian showed up with something I’d ordered over a year ago in Japan, that honestly, I’d forgotten about, but was so happy to see. It’s a JAL Happi Coat of the same design that John Lennon and the Beatles wore in a publicity shot in the 60’s:

And nothing says welcome back to the USA like BBQ and mutant corn….

And the mutant corn…

The other ears for fine, but this one – definitely mutant corn.

Next up on the hit parade is a long-time buddy from Athens, Greece – well, when we met he was living in Paris. In town on a four-hour layover just to see me! He’s also an aviation geek, so off to the Museum of Flight we go.

There was it ritual exchange of aviation related stuff – those his are coming by mail. He got the other Happi Coat for his collection.

Several days later Julian was back for an overnight – Yurika is off with a friend overnight in Bellevue. I pulled out all the stops for dinner – as a thank you for all the times he has hosted me in Nagoya.

Yep – 48-hours in the sous vide.

And finally ready to serve…

What a fantastic dinner if I don’t say so myself – Julian definitely did!

A fun week with friends.

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