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Mar '23

Trip Report: Trip Report: Pacific Grand Tour – The Long Way Home

Off in the morning to Narita via the Narita Express. And Daveson all dressed up for work – they are taking me to a station where I don’t have to transfer to get onto the Narita Express:

And the Narita Express!

Another day, another lounge as they say. This is the JAL First Class lounge at Narita-Tokyo:

Yes, I am spoiled! And speaking of spoiled, I traded in my business class direct for an indirect flight via Chicago in a First Class Suite, and sweet it was!

Extra nice is that the guy in the window seat wanted to trade for my center aisle seat so he could sit next to his wife. This is what I started with…

And this is what I ended up with, which was really nice because it was the same seat I had in March 2020 coming back from Japan (to SFO) at the beginning of the pandemic. The one above on that flight they made up as my bed because there were so few people on the flight that they gave me TWO First Class Suites.

Yes, my carryon is in the suite with me. Very handy!

And then the parade of food and drink started…

And then it was nap time – manage to get 5-6 hours of sleep!

And a little breakfast before landing…

With views of Chicago down below!

Hello Chicago….

And hello American Airlines Flagship (First Class) Lounge!

Nothing like being greeted by a Champagne Counter…

But to be honest, what I wanted the most was a shower.

And shit, showered, shaved in the pajama tops JAL gave me on the flight (came with pajama bottoms as well):

And then onto the food and drink…

With some great plane spotting as well…

If you are going to have an 8+ hours layover, this is not a bad way to do it.

This is all I remember of my last leg home, Alaska First Class to Seattle:

The flight attendant gathering all the Buffalo Trace from the back of the plane for the front.

Seriously exhausting, but super fun trip!


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