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Apr '23

Trip Report: My Week In Dublin & Boston

As all my stories start, another day, another lounge. This time the British Airways Terraces Lounge at Sea-Tac:

And that would be my plane off to the left. Aer Lingus this trip!

I was a little surprised at the VERY LIGHT load up in Business Class – 4 or 5 seats out of 20+. Wow.

Nice views from the window:

And then the parade of food begins….

Add a little music…

And, of course, some sleep.

This trip is all about taking time off, hanging out with friends, sleeping, working through life’s decisions…

Yes, I brought some of my Princess Gin to share.

But no trip to Ireland is complete without a distillery tour!

And then the tasting…

And more drinking – we came via cab.

We had the Old (New Market) Fashioned, made with this German liquer:

Damn tasty. Picked up a bottle when I got home!

Was surprised to find a can of Calmato in Jeff and Mindi’s beverage fridge – it didn’t last long:

Much food and festivities over the week…

On an odd side note – the power went out my last day, so THAT was amusing. Fortunately, they have a gas hob (and an American-style BBQ) so we didn’t starve (or go without coffee).

Far too soon it was time to leave, for yet, another lounge:

And onto the plane…

And a little pre-landing snack…

Unlike my direct flight from Seattle to Dublin, my return is via Boston for an overnight with Jill and her wonderful view condo.

Moved my flight to later in the day so we could have a lovely lunch out…

So much fun!!!

But back, to another lounge after lunch…

And back on the final leg…

Well, that was a fun jaunt.


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