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Oct '23

Trip Report: 7-Day Cruise From Seattle-Vancouver.

Up at the crack of something…

Onto the train to Vancouver for dinner with Will and Solus!

Somehow, I have no shots of Will, Solus, Jen, Jonathan, and I. But here I have one with Jen and poutine:

Wonderful meatloaf dinner tor fix and The Canadian.

And soon it time to make or way Food Pleasure Dome, oh, I mean boat:


Jonatjan is off to a massage at 2pm, but I have a makeover at 1PM(was supposed to be shave at one with Jen tags along to photograph.) And frankly, it felt so good I didn’t winch about the extra $100

After that it’s time to dress up for dinner!


And then more fancy dress for the format night – which means pictures!


Cockails in hand, time for photos!

The boat docks early and we are off it. Showing up to the hotel lobby for a 4PM check in we hang in he business center. Better than the lobby! And very close to one of the best ABC stores on Waikiki.


More tomorrow. For more blow posts, click here.










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