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Jan '17

Trip Report: Vancouver & Victoria

Well, the travel season has begun again – starting off with a road trip with my old college roommate, MB.

Left my place at noon headed for CanadaLand…with a couple of stops on the way:

Since we were going into a “crown county”, we thought we’d gets our crowns on early.

First stop is a WorldMark that I hadn’t tried yet – actually a trade with Vacation Internationale or something like that – Rosedale on Robson – warning, I didn’t take this picture:

But it gives you an idea. We were in a one-bedroom unit with a sofa bed in the living room…

Good day and night views…

Not as nice as the WorldMark at the Canadian in the heart of downtown – especially considering valet parking is $30 a night at the Robson on Rosedale. However, it does have a decent restaurant ion the ground floor – Original Joes – were we had cocktails and dinner:

MaryBeth had the Brambleberry, I went for the Royal Buffalo (Buffalo Trace Bourbon and Chambord Liqueur)

My haddock and mixed chips – biggest piece of fish and chips fish I’ve ever seen:

MaryBeth went for the noddle/broth dish – both excellent:

Out at eleven to catch our ferry to Vancouver Island, but first breakfast/brunch at the ferry terminal which has a HUGE food/shopping court. No, I did not have the sugarized apples:

And it was a GORGEOUS day for a ferry ride – and we had a front row seat!

Our room was ready when we got there!

MaryBeth ignored the howling breeze and hopped into the tub. Me, I stayed inside and enjoyed the view:

Before it was cocktail time:

Sort of a “faux” Lemon Drop – Citron Vodka with fresh squeezed “orange lime” juice – we found them at the local Thrifty Grocery. These are organic (hence the code starting with “9” – regular limes are 4306):

Looks like a small orange, but has the juice more like a lemon. And we liked them so we made two more runs to the store over the stay to get more.

As is my usual Victoria journeys, people are invited to dinner – including one of the checkers from the Thrifty:

Our first set of guests managed to drain the bar – resulting in this:

This was AFTER the hot tub, which with a 30mph breeze, was more like a lukewarm tub – with heads bobbing barely above the water line to keep from ice forming.

Wednesday is all about PIG – the restaurant called PIG, and one of the cooks at PIG.

Totally forgot to take pictures of our lunch – I went for the pulled pork sandwich, MaryBeth went for the pulled port poutine (fries, cheese curds, gravy, pulled pork) small portion, which was the size of a small child’s head.

Next up was to stock up on provisions….

Great guy working there who I assume was one of the owners – GREAT customer service.

Two bottles of wine, replacement vodka, replacement whiskey, and we are on our way to the fish market for dinner protein:

Love the fact they tell you what boat and where – this is why I shop with these folks (Finest At Sea) – they are a wholesaler who has a tiny retail store a couple of blocks from the condo on a side street behind their offices, and now, a food trailer out front.

So, they translation to US measures/prices – a pound and a third of troll caught salmon for $22USD which works out to $16.36 a pound (thanks to a 30% difference between the $USD and $CAN).

The dinner company is MaryBeth’s daughter’s boyfriend (who is a cook at PIG) and his mother – how’s THAT for an interesting dinner! And I’m making him cook after I do all the prep work – doesn’t it look GREAT?

And he taught me a tip – give it grill marks on the flesh side, then finish cooking on the skin side – I’d change this to a 45-degree angle – or a 45, and then a 90 for cross hatch.

No hot tub action tonight!

When I hang with friends at WorldMark places – even breakfast is “ensuite”:

That is a coil of sausage done on the grill, Caesars (that would be a Bloody Mary made with Clamato), scrambled eggs.

Today we are off to a CASTLE – and not the one that most tourist go to in Victoria – we are driving to Hatley Castle, not his father’s castle Craigdarroch Castle (FYI, his father died before the Castle was complete). Hatley was Royal Road Military College after the family finished the cycle from rags to riches to rags and lost the place, now it the Royal Road University, mostly on-line but offering career transitions. Thank you, MaryBeth, for stopping a person on campus who must have been in the administration for the great boiled-down mission statement.

It’s “shoulder season” so no tours of the Castle since it is a “living building”, i.e. and Administration Building – but still pretty:


And the lobby…

And my favorite lobby sign from its former life:

Even though there wasn’t a tour – there is a small museum in the basement (along with gift shop, and oddly school supply stop):

Back in town, it was time for an afternoon snack – I’d taken the chicken from the first night, turned it into stock, skimmed the fat after an evening in the fridge, add noodles and frozen veg…and a lovely soup!

Got a lot of use out of that chicken! After we’d had our fill, I packed up four small containers (left over from appetizer plates) for the staff – nothing like a little homemade chicken noodle soup. They are VERY understanding of my life – they even got me chocolates for my birthday in September.

Dinner tonight was a friend of mine who connected over social media and his husband – one of those, “stop by for a cocktail” that turns into dinner. Take the two marinated steaks, cube, skewer, grill, add a couple of salads, and we have dinner!

Another day…another castle! This time it’s dad’s castle — Craigdarroch Castle!

Search on Craigdarroch on my blog to see more pictures of the interior – this time I was specifically looking for this one plaque:

Specifically, for this portion of the plaque:

My “faux” nephews Julian and Jameson, apparently names after Julian Jameson (there is a mention HERE).

Love this radiator in the library….

It was a great tour before getting in line for the Coho Ferry to Port Angeles. But first, LUNCH:

And we did have calamari with those drinks. Honest.

In the line:

On the ferry:

Made the last ferry (Bainbridge) with just enough time to line up and be the last car off the ferry.

Home, MaryBeth headed home, I headed to bed after opening one of the bottles of Duty Free and making a cocktail.


Dec '16

Trip Report: Quiet Pre-Christmas In Victoria

Just a quiet little mid-week jaunt to Victoria with DancingBear before the rush of xMess starts at the shop.

If it’s a Victoria Clipper trip, that means it’s time for Red Barons (cranberry juice and sparkling wine):

And a breakfast burrito from the Clipper Café in the terminal.

DancingBear had arranged for a car, so after customs/immigration is was a quick call to Budget for a pickup. Car in hand it was off to Costco for meds that are over-the-counter in Canada but are expensive prescriptions in the US, and steaks, and scallops, and a hot dog – before going across the parking lot to grab a wi-fi router for DB and 11×17 paper for me – the joys of 30% off because of the exchange rate.

On a lark we swung by the WorldMark Victoria to see if the room was ready – and even though it was only 1pm with check-in at 4pm. Yet again, we are in a 2-bedroom Penthouse :

Not a bad view from our room.

Woohoo – must be time for a nap!

Swung by the Thrifty (alas, Royce wasn’t working) for the rest of the supplies for dinner – looks pretty good doesn’t it!

Ribeye steaks off the grill topped with sautéed chanterelle mushrooms, seared scallops topped with fried prosciutto, and a loaded baked potato and a little salad. And here is the chef!

We eat well when we are on the road. No company this trip, so it really is a “quiet” trip.

The next day finds us on a road trip north to Duncan – for no particular reason other than shits, giggles, and snow….

OK – not the best picture of me, and the sun highlights the camera, but it was a pretty overlook on the way to our lunch spot – The Dog House:

I had the Ruben (bit surprise):

DancingBear had the turkey wrap:

We booth took ½ of each of ours home – maybe we should just decide on a meal and split it — neither of us eats the amount of food we used to.

Time to head back to Victoria before darkness (and maybe some snow) falls:

This evening just straight up seared scallops, risotto, salad and wine.

We do eat well – even the breakfasts are stunning:

Rare view of both the Victoria Clipper (coming in from Seattle) and the Coho (headed to Port Angeles):

Our final day in Victoria we did something I’d never done in all the times I’ve visited Victoria – Craigdarroch Castle. Considering there is a 25% off coupon at the front desk, odd none of us had done it. Will definitely go back in January with MaryBeth. Pretty, and amazing:

Looking up the staircase to the top floor:

And at the top – this nice carving:

All the rooms are decorated for the holiday – making it even more festive:

Looking back down the staircase:

Then there was the purpose-built billiards room:

Let’s not forget the bathrooms:

All-in-all, a lovely little sightseeing adventure before heading back to turn in the rental car. I must say, with regard to the rental car company (Budget), I haven’t been very impressed with their efficiency in this location over several visits.

Checked in the luggage and headed across the street to Belleville’s for a spot of lunch. I had the seafood chowder,

DancingBear had the BLAT (Bacon, Lettuce, Avocado, Tomato).

The fries where excellent – some of the best I’ve had. Crunchy on the outside soft on the inside. Yum – as was the Margarita Double that was on special, and even the Highball for $5 once it turned to happy hour.

An amazingly relaxed trip – no dinner parties, no stress. Just lovely.

Can’t wait to go back in a couple of weeks.


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Jan '13

Sunday Off And On The Road Again.

All packed and ready to go at 12:30….and there was still the pop in the front seat. Luckily on the return there will be less stuff after my Vancouver deliveries:

First stop is at the apartment for some books that arrived from Powells.

On the ferry to Whidbey Island with Cartman from South Park on my TomTom GPS – as he said when I started towards the ferry (programmed location into the TomTom on the dock: “Get on the faggoty ferry.”

I might have to see if I can make my own TomTom “surfer dude” file.

And the view from the condo after I’d checked in an hour early

Marybeth arrived around 4:30 sans salad so it she made a quick trip back out before out lovely steak and salad dinner sans her children (she really needed a break).

Tried but failed to go to bed early. And it’s up at 5:30 tomorrow.



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Jan '12

Inventory Day.

After waking up to a dead coffeemaker in the hotel room (they got me a new one in 15 minutes), it was onto the shuttle where the driver took me directly to Uwajimaya, even though it is usually only a “game day” stop on their shuttle route. And yes, I tipped him.

Got to the store 45 minutes early, Jim arrived 30 minutes early, so we started plowing through the inventory. Good thing to since I’d forgotten I’d scheduled an oil change and a slow leak fix for 12:30 and inventory was supposed to start at noon.

We actually wrapped up the count in 45 minutes including all the “gift accessories”, and I just realized that we forgot to inventory the salts, peppers, and sauce. Tomorrow, me thinks.

After the wild night last night, after inventory I dropped off the car at the shop and went home and took a nap. The joys of being underemployed.

For today’s random pictures, the topic is cars, as my previous sets of wheels:

BMW 2002tii next to Tom’s Civic in front of the Silver Streak at Point No Point on the tip of the Kitsap peninsula outside Hansville. So many memories.

My second Miata, parked next to Pugsly, a 1964 Bedford Romany Dormobile (complete with hand crank for starting if you were that daring) parked behind the first house that I ever owned, in the NE section of Portland. Bought it for $39,500 (the house) and sold it for $80,000 five years later to the real estate agent that I had originally purchased it through.

1975 Checker Marathon, the second time I owned that car. Sold it to Marybeth, who put at least one new engine in it, and now it’s the car of her rock-n-roll guitarist 20-year-old son. Perfect car for a musician. Now it is Forest Green. Parked in front of the Boylston Street house on Capital Hill, assuming when it was still a duplex that I shared with Greg from the lack of gate and the size of the bushes.

Well, that’s our stroll down memory lane for today.

[? ? ?]

Jul '11

The British Are Coming!

And They Are Staying With Uncle Markie.

Hectic day with a growing waitlist for the gathering and picking up MaryBeth from Swedish Medical Center and taking her home to Tacoma. She was in for a sort of hernia and touchup on her reconstructive surgery. And you know how much I hate hospitals.

Which gets me onto all things plumbing. How do you test toilet designs to make sure they are up to the stuff? Miso paste and condoms. From this month’s Popular Mechanics:

“The standard toilet-testing load — known as a unit — is a condom full of 50 grams of miso paste. Engineers flush six units to simulate a typical man’s demands. At trade show demos, folks toss in 10 units at a time. The ½ kilo test proves the loo can handle even the toughest encounters.”

By the time I got back to Seattle, think Friday afternoon traffic in two directions, forget picking up a prescription at Costco (again, on a Friday afternoon, a bad idea).

I left for the airport at 7pm as the Boyz (Mike and Max) plane was running a little late. It wasn’t hard to get their attention (having never met them) with this sign:

Yes, they are British, Oxfordians if that’s what they call folks from Oxford. They are friends my college-era buddies, husbands, daughters, boyfriend and his gay buddy. Confused. I’ll let you assign who’s who to the picture:

We had a much needed for the boyz late dinner of lamb chops, roasted potatoes and salad.

Ended up staying up wayyyyy too late. The joys of company.


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And They Are Staying With Uncle Markie.

Oct '10

Uncle Markie’s Catering Services.

That’s sort of how today feels… made brunch for MaryBeth and the kids:

  • Pull-apart rosemary challah rolls
  • Pork sausage rounds
  • Maple smoked bacon
  • Roasted potatoes and onions
  • Eggs which when I put them into the convection oven poofed up like a soufflé (and then fell as it cooled – wonder how to keep it up?)
  • Champagne and cranberry juice for MB and myself, just the cranberry juice for the kids.

Then put in a few hours of work while the dishes were running so that I could start on dinner with Swanda at his place:

  • Caraway dark rye bread
  • Wilted spinach and bacon salad
  • Baked potatoes
  • Boneless rib-eye steaks
  • Red wine

With a day of food like that I shouldn’t have to eat for a week.

Happy Halloween everyone – and that’s the reason I’m cooking at Swanda’s place…. No trick or treaters.


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Sep '10

Deck A Little Further Along.

More progress on the deck today… took a break from working on it at this point…

To run off to Bamboo Hardwoods because their bamboo cane fencing is on sale for 50% off, and I need two 6×8′ rolls (that will get cut down into 3’x4′ panels). I still need to figure out the design of the stairs getting up to the platform, and what kind of gate is going in.

A little after four headed to Tacoma for MaryBeth’s daughters surprise 16th birthday party. The boys at this party outnumbered the girls about 4 to 1 – that’s a whole lot of male hormones in one confined space – I’m surprised I didn’t pass out.

Home at ten, into bed shortly afterwards. Maybe it was the turkey (Melissa wanted Thanksgiving for her birthday meal) that knocked me out.

Chair delivery tomorrow.


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May '10

Getting Closer…

Got some more work done on the trap door project…

But still more to do:

  • Putty some cracks
  • Hinge or just another aluminum strip
  • Varathane
  • Change the spacer by 1/8″ to make it totally flush with the rest of the floor

Also – still ruminating on whether I can turn the space under the trap door into a wine cellar, and if I want to have it air-conditioned.

I would have gotten more of the project done, but today’s big event is having dinner with Marybeth and the kids down in Tacoma – which means driving down there in rush hour. The usual 45 minute trip is more like an hour and a half in the evening rush hour.

I brought steak and fresh bread (needless to say the kids loved the steaks, guessing as a single mom they don’t get them that often) and MB provided the corn on the cob and the salad – and homemade pie for dessert, a treat.

Got back to the house a little before ten to set the alarm for the morning… Tokyo Dave is coming into town to get his license renewed (and to spend the night) before flying to San Francisco for a funeral.


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Apr '10

Cabin Fever.

Woke up with a feeling of “cabin fever”… the need to just get out and about. What to do about it — drive.

I gathered all the stuff laying around needing to be delivered and headed out the door:

  • Panama Taxi license plate and taxi meter for Tom, Marybeth’s son who is getting the Checker Marathon as his car when he gets his license
  • Lowes for a replacement grill grate for the BBQ and batteries for the scale
  • Fluffernutter’s to drop off an enamel public telephone sign (and chat with Aaron, his roommate)
  • The apartment to pick up a DVD (which reminds me, I really have to watch If It’s Tuesday, It Must Be Belgium since I had it for months)
  • Darcie and Jeannes to drop off a book — and have cocktails and enough snacks that it made dinner

Started at a little after noon and got home at 7.

Poking around the WorldMark site I realized that I could put together the Yellowstone/Montana prison trip for mid-May. Last night I had been playing around with a trans-Atlantic crossing with a stop on the way to London in Iceland so I could do a land-air tour of Greenland and a couple of spare days in London — the Norwegian Epic (which I’m planning on cruising with on my birthday) has studios available on the inaugural London to New York transatlantic crossing before going into service on the Caribbean routes for the next year (around $3-4K by the time all was said and done) and the evening before that it was a trip to Jasper up in Canadaland before dismissing it as too expensive (for the sleeper — $1200 round-trip from Vancouver). I never should have made that damn travel hit list!

Fence project tomorrow, I promise.


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Apr '09

A Day At The Beach.

Just another day at the beach sitting around in  front of the fire reading scholarship applications. It’s a wee bit cold to be running around with the top down, but apparently that doesn’t apply to the boys across the road skim-boarding. It’s like 45 degrees out and the water is even colder.

MaryBeth’s kids are happy just moving between the hot tub on the deck and the heated outdoor pool at the back of the property. Ah, youth.

Dinner tonight is a lovely leg of lamb with roasted potatoes, salad, spinach in a bacon dressing and lots of wine.

Off to Vancouver tomorrow for dinner with BamBam.

[? ? ?]

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Apr '09

Birch Bay Bounty.

It was a long night with the folks upstairs partying until three. It didn’t help that the hot tub was not up to temperature — I figured it was that it was new and just warming up, but at noon it was still tepid. Call number two to maintenance (call number one was the ice maker last night).

Had to run into Blaine to try and find a USB to mini-USB cable to charge my phone — forgot it (one of like 20 I have). Got a nice one with lots of adapters, mini, micro, A, B. And two 1 gig micro SD cards with adapters ($40 marked down to $8), and a twelve pack of Diet Coke. Rite-Aid — who would ahve thought.

Owner re-education at 12:30. Liquor store run with the proceeds at 1:30.

Lots of billable hours before MaryBeth and the kids (one hers, one not) showed up a little after 5. I couldn’t believe that those two twig thin 14-year-old girls plowed through 1-pound rib steaks. Baked potatoes, salad, wine, and Wonderful for dessert.

Wonderful will be reading scholarship applications tomorrow with MaryBeth, John Weber, and me. Nineteen applications to read this year. Fun.

The movie for the night — after call number three to maintenance because the signal was fuzzy, which they couldn’t fix tonight — was the 1967 version of Casino Royale. It wasn’t until we watched making of the movie that it came out that we figured out why the movie was so dysfunctional. Try four directors, and actors fighting with other actors and leaving the movie half way through. It felt like each of the four directors did a quarter of the film.

Thankfully, no noisy neighbors tonight.

[? ? ?]

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Apr '09

That Thursday Meeting, And Travel.

After this morning’s meeting the “to-do” list is growing, growing, growing. Lot’s of stuff to get off the plate before next week’s meeting — and once again, on the road sampling WorldMark resorts in Birch Bay and Vancouver.

Made it on the road by 2pm, with, as much as I can tell, everything I need for the next four days. That would be:

  • Most of a cow
  • Most of a vineyard
  • Most of a corn field in liquid form
  • Most of a potato field
  • Most of a bakery

I should have taken a shot of one person filling a rolling trolley checking in.

After another comment on my voice track on videos, I offer a tour of the current unit I’m in.


Marybeth and kids (some her’s, some not) show up tomorrow afternoon after my “owner re-education camp” at noon tomorrow.

Steak for dinner tonight — and more steak tomorrow — lamb roast on Saturday night. Off to Vancouver on Sunday.


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Mar '09

Where Did Wednesday Go?

I’m not sure where Wednesday went… Raf got an amazing full day in of painting (8am-4pm) so the front and back each have one coat, the sides have two coat, and the whole thing needs another coat before we can start on the trim. That would be the “royal” we — meaning Raf, not me. The two sides need the extra coat to help cover the scrape lines.

Not bad considering the weather report was for rain.

Grocery and liquor store runs as I’m out of everything.

Calls to RCI and WorldMark to straighten out account details — must be all that paperwork that I did yesterday that put me in the mood. I even got all the upcoming trips put into envelopes to hold all the various itineraries and tickets. Those would be:

  • 3-21, Bay Area for Alcia’s 50th
  • 4-16, Birch Bay with Marybeth and the kids
  • 5-7, Long Beach with the boys for poker
  • 5-11, Alaska Cruise
  • 5-23, Denver and Santa Fe
  • 9-23, Ireland

I even got the tickets reworked for the Amtrak leg from Vancouver to Seattle after the Alaska cruise.

Dinner with Swanda. I made us steaks, asparagus and salad — typical Uncle Markie meal.

Home and on the couch by 8:30.


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Feb '09

Can’t Seem To Stay Home For Long.

Well, I’ve done it again. Gone and booked some more travel. But before I give you the latest, I should tell you what is already on the books:

  • February 28-March 3rd, Bay Area, Visit the boys and do some scouting for E&A
  • March 21-March 23rd, Bay Area, Visit the boys, make dinner for Alicia who turns fifty, and maybe work
  • April 16-19th, Birch Bay 3-Bedroom Penthouse with Marybeth and the Kids
  • May 7-10th, Long Beach 3-Bedroom Presidential with the Poker Boys

And now for what I just completed today:

May 11th-24th, Alaska Cruise Tour with Ross. Starts in Fairbanks, goes through Denali, down to Anchorage and onto the Holland America Line’s Statendam.


And then of course I still need to be in Santa Fe on the 28th of May for my niece’s high school graduation. Guess that means I’m flying, not driving. May isn’t looking good for billable hours. 

Another quiet evening planned at home, hopefully billing some hours.


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Feb '09

Plans Up In The Air.

Plans up in the air?

  • Jameson and crew not due until Tuesday night — guess I’d better get my vegan recipe’s in order
  • Whitaker has EMT classes, so now he is coming Wednesday, when I’m on the road and MoonSong is cleaning the house.

Today’s accomplishments:

  • More room in the garage for the Jag
  • Less dead mice in the garage (found two)
  • Stove donated to MaryBeth
  • Computer going to MaryBeth’s son
  • Directories and other materials done and transportation arranged
  • Drill bits purchased
  • Nothing done on SOB (Son of Bob)
  • NetBook programmed with Skype and Street/Trips for upcoming trip.

Dinner? Chicken and Pasta with a little red.

Too busy getting ready for travel to take the “photo of the day”.

[220 — time to barf up dinner]

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Jan '09

Happy New Year.

Welcome to 2009. Guess I’d better get ready to remember to change my mind when writing checks and invoices.

Today was spend in “family” mode at Marybeth’s place in Tacoma. With regard to my suggestions earlier this month, well, there are teenagers in the hosue, so all things move slow.

Spent the afternoon there before heading home to dead cow on the grill — and I didn’t even bother with the salad, but there was wine left over from last night.

When I was at Safeway today I picked up an AutoTrader….

Should I trade in the 1996 BMW Z3 for a 2001 Jaguar XJ8 Ragtop?

Should I trade in the 1998 Mazda MPV for a 2002 Acura MDX?

Both are black (both the trade-in and the possible new models).

We will see what they are willing to do on trade-in and go from there. Guess that means I have some errands tomorrow after MoonSong comes to do some interior wiring (ethernet and speakers).


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Dec '08

Design Consult Followed By Dinner Guests.

Got the last of the Festivus cards printed, trimmed and addressed — off to the post office those go on the way to MaryBeth’s for a house rearranging consult. She is having company over on New Year’s Day and wants to whip the place into shape (which will be a challenge with two teenage kids).


  • Couch from the living room moves to the media room
  • Flowered chair in media room goes away, chair and ottoman move to living room
  • Computer table gets consolidated against the wall to open up space and traffic flow
  • Kitchen back splash gets painted gloss black to accent the new counters and match the theme of the kitchen (black/white tiles on floor)
  • Microwave gets moved close to stove to cover “odd” transisition area
  • Trash can get replaced with one from the church (Infectious Waste) and new container for recycling that holds more and can be closed
  • Planned murphy bed for Thomas’ room goes in the other direction with book shelves above
  • Melissa gets stacking tubs for under her bed
  • Laundry room gets full-size stacking washer and dryer on one side, and U shaped shelving on the other side for more storage — and maybe matching tubs for everything
  • All four bedrooms need new curtains
  • Fire ring moves to the front deck with cement board underneath (and a fire extinguisher handy) 

Whew! Think they can do that in two weeks? All those recommendations in just under an hour.

Headed back from Tacoma around 1 to start working on the sourdough bread for dinner — once again experimenting on my friends and their family. The experiment failed, it was edible, but not light and fluffy. I may just give up and go back to making challah.

Swanda, his mom, and his sister were guests for a dinner of steak, asparagus, salad, and failed bread. We even had a little time for dress up before they fled at the first sign of snow.

 click to go back     click to go back

No WII bowling tonight for the crew. Damn.




Nov '08

Magic Gates And Dinner Number Three (Of Four).

Moonsong showed up while I was in the shower to continue work on the gate project, and while it isn’t done yet, it now works! All we need to do now is the final adjustment and finish work.

Here are the Magic Gates in action:

Dinner number four is as late as yesterdays’ was early. Jameson should arrive here around 7:30 or 8 for a dinner of bar-b-qued country style pork ribs, asparagus (it was on sale), salad, and wine. 

Meanwhile I’m just working on stuff for Events and Adventures, mailing stuff to Steve and Marybeth, and trying to keep the day calm.


Nov '08

Bob Tour And Dinner Number One.

Just a quiet day of puttering around the house, fixing a few little things:

  • finish routing out the TV stand laminate for Bob’s front TV which I pulled from the bus
  • find and hang one more piece of artwork in the bedroom
  • clean the house and make the bed for company
  • pull the leaf out on the dining table

Dan, wife and kid come at 3:30 to look over Bob to see if they want to buy it. They have a smaller Ithasca RV at the moment — maybe I should talk about taking in their smaller one in trade!

Marybeth, Thomas and Melissa due to show up for dinner, with a vegetarian in tow. Spent 15 minutes on the phone with mapquest open getting them headed towards the house. Why she doesn’t just print out directions in advance I do not know.

Dinner was great — spinach salad with sliced almonds, cranberries and wine ripened tomatoes, a side dish for us (and main dish for Isaac the vegetarian, Thomas’ age) of pasta tossed in an olive tapenade, and various cuts of pork for the rest of us.

No desert which, of course, disappointed the kids — but I gave them my ice cream maker which got them excited about future deserts at home.

Rest of the evening a blur.


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Nov '08

Back Into The Dinner Party Circuit.

Happy Friday All.

Not much progress on the gate today, a little, but the house is MUCH cleaner.

Cleaner is good since suddenly I have a dinner party for five tomorrow (Marybeth, Thomas, Melissa, and Buddhist friend after some concert at Key Arena tomorrow).

Sunday is dinner with Coucilmember Curt (former), Brandon (former roommate), and Dave (former boy toy in my dreams).

Monday is dinner with Jameson before he flies off to North Carolina to visit the grandparents.

Today — a little work. A few errands. And lots of bookings:

  • Two nights in long Beach
  • Two nights in Orlando
  • Still need that Florida renatl car.

Never a dull moment.


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