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Nov '12

Terrible Tuesday.

Another Tuesday work day for me…. Though I’m wondering why I even bothered to get out of bed. Not a single customer until 5, and I opened at noon. Ouch. Might be the worst sales day ever, but I’ll have to check that. Or that might depress me more.

Mind you, last year wasn’t a stellar day either, but I did like half that. Ouch, as Jim said.

Got the icemaker installed in the bathroom, ran some ice – the first cubes were good, the I started getting “ant cubes” – apparently there are still some ants in the plumbing from the infestation of a couple of weeks ago. See this gross post: https://blog.unclemarkie.com/2012/11/07/everything-is-dying/. I’ll run it some more on Saturday before the wine tasting, that should get the rest of the critters out of the plumbing.

Got home around 7:30 and by 8 there was a steak and a salad on the dinner table – didn’t open a bottle of wine since the other half wouldn’t get drunk until Friday, past it’s pull date.

Only thing I didn’t get around to was packing for tomorrow’s trip to Vancouver.

Oh well.


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