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Mar '13

My Good Friday At The “Blood Of Christ” Shop.

So nice to just sleep in…. when work isn’t until noon. I know – no sympathy from the 9-5er’s – I’m still spoiled.

It’s my monthly Friday at the shop – I’ll be missing April and May due to the other job, but back to a Friday in June, probably late in the month. 8 or 9 deliveries that need to be checked in, priced and stocked, and special orders pulled out and emailed. Got most of the other tasks done other than compiling a list of possible auction items for the Seattle Children’s Theatre auction. The way that work is we supply a list of possible auction bottles that sponsors then come in and buy at 15% off to donate to the auction. Got the certificate done and printed, but that’s it. Too much time dealing with twenty cases of wine coming in in dribs and drabs.

One of the best moments was when the business owner next door (a salon) came in with a customer having a bad day and needing a new “doo” needing a bottle of wine to have during the cut. They left with one of my favorite sparkling rosés… and to make it better I loaned them two champagne glasses and a bucket full of ice – I’d turned the ice machine on earlier in the day to get cubes for my Diet Coke and there was plenty. The smile on her face was priceless – makes being a merchant worth it when you can improve someone’s crappy day.

The other joy of today was opening a package from “Keen” in Forks. It wasn’t until I opened it that I realized what it was – I knew WHO it was from, but not what.

Sometimes I’m clueless (well, most of the time). Last month I took some fabric with me on a trip to The Quillayute River Resort to show Linda, one of the proprietors. She helped my modify a mink and a wolf fur into a hoodie (LINK HERE TO THE JACKET). I just wanted her to see this cool fabric I picked up in Hawaii on one of my trips last year. (LINK HERE TO THE FABRIC). Well, basically she said, leave it here and I’ll stich it up for you into a new travel bathrobe (left my tatty old one there to duplicate) and a Hawaiian style shirt. Totally unexpected – and apparently I’d forgotten about the offer as well.

What do you think?

The shirt – amazing – there are Japanese cats eating sushi, playing GO, drinking saké. Way too fun.

And the robe – if you look closely (or follow the link to the fabric) you can see a space shuttle unloading pineapples. So silly, and I love it. I like to travel with a lightweight bathrobe for what little modesty I have (mostly to spare others from my pasty bloated white body).

Tried dinner of a large chef’s salad – it lasted for an hour before I headed to the taco truck for three fish tacos (which have lots of cabbage on them so they are semi-healthy).

And I get to sleep in AGAIN. Work is at 1:30 tomorrow (but I have grocery shopping to do in the morning).


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One Response to “My Good Friday At The “Blood Of Christ” Shop.”

  1. Michael Scott Says:

    VERY fetching Markie. I especially like the shirt. But both garments are SO slimming….
    M xx