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Apr '13

Full Day At The Print Shop.

Full day of running orders, picking envelopes, seals, making them all pretty in boxes. Figure I made 35 graduates (or their parents very happy today). Not much time to sit around – didn’t take lunch until 3:30 when the rush of orders slowed down. One more full time day for me tomorrow.

Next couple of days will be busy because of the various “Grad Fairs” that Roxy and his boss are attending.

After work it’s back to the wine shop to pick up another couple of packages:

I had Roxy (my boss) in tow; at least we had a nice taste of a Western Australian Syrah/Viogenier while we were there. Next up the Post Office to drop off the few and rare Alaska shipments which FedEx Ground doesn’t handle, then dropped off Roxy and finally made it home by a little after 7.

In the mail this evening was a rather unpleasant surprise – my taxes came back from the accountant. Apparently I took too much out of my 401K and made too much money from the shop – whopping tax bill of $3786, plus his $325 fee. At least I have it in the bank, but ouch.

At least there are new toys to play with.

I didn’t realize the tablet came with a leather(ette?) cover with a place for its pen. Nice touch. I knew it came with a docking station with 2 USB ports and a HDMI out. Time to order some more accessories for the new toy:

  • 64gig SD card to double the storage (128gig cards still too expensive)
  • HDMI to VGA converter cable so I can use a larger monitor – and hopefully replace the noisy server in the living room with this combo

Should arrive Friday or Saturday – then I can put the whole Adobe Suite on the “D” drive, the new 64gig SD card. It would be nice to retire the Monster Server, though it means moving some mail forwarding onto another machine, which I should have done years ago.

Some chicken thighs in sweet chili sauce and the leftover salad was dinner tonight, even the wine as left over from last night.

[204.4] Wow – haven’t been this light since Kansas City a year ago, and that was an unreliable (but flattering) analog scale.

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