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Jan '15

Trip Report: Bus Tour Of The Port Of Tacoma

So, the infrastructure geek in me signs up for these “public outreach” tours that both the Ports of Seattle and Tacoma periodically put on. I did a post on it back in 2008 when I did a Third Runway tour at Sea-Tac just before they opened it to air traffic. Here is the post: https://blog.unclemarkie.com/2008/09/10/runway-16r/, and below is a picture of me on the Third Runway:

But the tour that I’m on today with Mags is of the Port of Tacoma. They offer a bunch of tours during the year (http://portoftacoma.com/community/tours) and I’ve also booked us for the Earth Day tour which is a more “boots on the ground” kinda tour since it’s highlighting all the public access points along with restoration work they are doing.

But today’s tour was all on the bus – luckily not half full of retirement home residents like the last one I was on.

A light load today.

Out on the docks dodging containers.

Lots full of Korean cars for the US market.

And the saddest of all shots, of the Kalakala being dismantled:

Sorry it isn’t a better shot – here’s one that I grabbed from the web and the story behind the ferry:

Here is a link to the WikiPedia article on the ferry: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MV_Kalakala

And a picture of her getting scrapped that’s better than mine:

The bus tour over, Mags and I headed for lunch at the Poodle Dog, home of the Pup Room (their bar) that opens at 5:30am:

I had the Rueben with slaw, Mags the meatloaf sandwich which is really just meatloaf on top of some bread with mashed potatoes and brown gravy:

After lunch it was back to the city for the both of us. Another week, another (mini) excursion.


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