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Jun '16

Trip Report: Greek Reunion – Part Seven, Sifnos Anniversary Party

It’s not exactly time to say goodbye to Sifnos, but it is the final day. Last night I said I wasn’t going to make the hike (in the heat) the 20-minute walk from the road – this morning I caved, feeling that they’d gone to all the bother, at least I could show up.

Bus time again! We get dropped off at the goat trail leading to the farm and wait (luckily in the shade) for those driving to join us…

Guess I could have taken a helicopter in – though actually that just serves Athens.

This should give you an idea of the terrain of the goat path…

That would be the town of Kastro in the distance. Here is a better look:

What you need to realize is that ALL of the materials to fix up the house and build a small guest house had to come up this path – by human or donkey. Idyllic if you don’t mind hiking in and out.

And it even comes with its own chapel which they are hoping to renovate within the coming year.

The picture somehow manages to hide all the bird poop – it really does need a lot of work, and the boys, well, they can garden, but not plaster.


Mulberries (which stain the hell out of everything) …

And originally a cistern with waterwheel for grinding grains.

It really is a lovely quiet place (if it weren’t for that brutal hike in).

Hiked back out, caught the bus to “the big city”, Apollonia where I spied this sign – mind you, this the day AFTER the British decided to leave to the European Union.

Lots of Brits as part of the party so needless to say, the conversation later around the pool is Brexit, Brexit, Brexit.

It seems that I’ve rather bonded with this particular British family….

Speaking of poolside food (they had the seafood risotto which looked heavenly) I tried their marinated octopus (7 Euro) that came with a caper/green onion potato salad that was stunning. I don’t usually rave about poolside food but this deserves it.

Such a hard life – after all that hiking I needed a little (or a lot) of relaxing, especially since tonight is the big party. But wait! More walking – at least this time there is a band to march along with. But seriously – is everything off the beaten path – on Sifnos, apparently.

At least at the end of this march there was Champagne!

And stunning views…

This should give you an idea of the place…

Big party, big food, lots of fun. I’m feeling all GREEK!

The band….

And the happy couple!

As the sun goes down….

Dinner begins….

Nice buffet spread….

The plans called for the party to go all night – with a spaghetti feed at 3AM. For those of us with less fortitude, buses start running at midnight, running every 40 minutes until dawn. These people know how to party, alas, I don’t. I’m on the first bus out – I’ve got a morning ferry back to Piraeus.


If you got to this post directly from FaceBook, you can find the rest of the trip in chronological order at https://blog.unclemarkie.com.

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  1. Umekes Fishmarket Bar and Grill Says:

    The Food And Family Look awesome and that plate right above me makes me awfully hungry. Can you explain about some of the dishes on the plate? What were they exactly inquiring minds want to know. It all looks pretty delicious. Thanks for sharing your adventure. One day want to go with my family to the island of Santorini