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Sep '17

Trip Report: New Orleans For Pre-Birthday Celebration – Part Two

There are some things that I do to immediately get into The Big Easy groove – first stop, Houstons for cocktails, food, and jazz!

Always start with a Sazerac.

Followed by the Gulf Coast Grouper Sandwich – yes, there is a bun in there someplace:

So much for a light meal.

Then it was off to The Red Zone for supplies:

This is just the initial run to the store – still have to stock the suitcase for the return.

With my initial rituals done, it was off to bed, for I have 10am owner flogging (with free gift – a nice umbrella).

Next regular stop is getting a Three-Day Jazzy Pass for unlimited Streetcar and Bus use — $9.00.

Regular fares are $1.25, or $1.50 with a transfer each way, so $9 is easy and convenient.

Then it’s off to check out Dryades Market and see if my favorite bartender is there – only to find they’ve moved the bar over one stall, and it isn’t open during the day anymore. Guess I’ll have to come back for happy hour sometime. Looks like they don’t open until 4pm.

Guess that leaves Toups South for lunch and cocktails – located in the Southern Food and Beverage Museum.

I opted for the Grilled Gulf Shrimp with Peach Slaw….as delivered:

After eating all but the heads…

There are cool things in the bar…like this mechanical cocktail shaker:

And great signs in the bathroom:

The museum is where I go to buy vintage cookbooks from their collection of extras:

It’s kind of funny that the woman behind the desk now remembers that I’m from Seattle! Scored four this trip – which is always inconvenient because it’s at the beginning of the day, and then I’m carting them around all day.

One is for me, the others for specific people. There was a smoker out back of the museum that my business partner, Jimmy, would love:

Hopped onto the street car and headed to Canal Street where I have a trade tasting at the Ritz Carleton. Walking in I realized I wasn’t on the West Coast anymore – trust me, I was the only one there in shorts and a Hawaiian shirt.

There was food, but I was still full from lunch:

Though I did grab a mini-Tiramisu cupcake on the way out the door.

Funny thing was that one the way in, the sky started to darken up. Within fifteen minutes at the tasting, the sky opened up and started dumping – instantly flooding the streets.

By the time I was done with the tasting – the sun was back out and it was muggy as all get out!

There is a longer version of the wine tasting here: https://blog.unclemarkie.com/2017/09/20/work-report-wine-tastings-even-on-the-road-no-rest-for-the-wicked/

Back onto the street car…

Past Lee (as in Robert E.) Circle, where the statue was removed my last visit here:

Looks kind of odd. Hopefully they will return to the previous name of the circle, which was Tivoli Circle or Place du Tivoli.

Opted for an early happy hour dinner, and not at my usual place (Samuel’s Blind Pelican where the oysters are $3 a dozen), but for the slightly more upscale Poseidon, just across the street from the condo. I actually ordered a little more food than I could eat (leaving leftovers as a late evening snack).

Not bad for $23.72 plus tip (with a couple of cocktails thrown in).

Nice sunset out the window…

And soon, it was time for bed.

For, tomorrow is another day in The Big Easy!

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