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Dec '17

Trip Report: Forks For Friends

It had been too long since I’d been out to Forks, Washington to visit my friends, Chip and Linda. And it is a pretty drive:

In theory, it’s 150 miles and 3.5 hours…but there is a ferry ride to get to the peninsula…think more like 4.5 to 5 hours. A FOGGY ferry ride…

Crossing the Hood Canal Bridge:

Through Port Angeles and along the edge of Crescent Lake

Quillayute River Resort is a turn off a little before Forks, Washington, on the way to Rialto Beach.

The original plan was that I’d stay in the lodge in the family/friend room, but one of the suites was open!

The late afternoon turned into a downpour – those streaks are rain coming off the roof:

But there was a lovely hearty beef stew…

Following by rice pudding…

They are the early to bed type, so I headed back to the suite – which fortunately had less rain than on the way in.

The morning, which was forecast for snow, instead, turned out to be SUN!

And the Lodge…

And the main entrance:

And it’s beautiful inside…first, upstairs in the owner’s suite, still in process:

It was such a beautiful day I went out for a drive – to the coast…

Which was gorgeous with the sun out!

And the way back, I swung by the Quillayute State Airport – which has seen better days:

During World War II, it was a big deal with two 5,000 foot runways.

I didn’t realize that the way I usually drive to the resort is at the bottom of a valley, with mountain views:

Managed to get back to the resort with enough time for a quick nap before dinner in the commercial portion of the lodge – outfitted with a catering kitchen, ADA guest suite, library. The highlights of the open catering kitchen are these two beauties:

And the rest of the common space is stunning:

Tonight is pizza night – when you have a wood-fired oven, pizza is a natural, though the last time I was here, it was fresh pita bread. Here is the oven all fired up:

And pizza calls for WINE!

Chip is getting REALLY, REALLY GOOD as a pizza maker:

Out of the five small pizzas we made, there were only a couple of slices left – that didn’t make it past midnight back in my room.

One last comment on the resort, should you have a Tesla – you are covered:

Didn’t sleep in as late as I’d like since I have a dinner date back in the city…and with construction on 101, I had no clue of delays. There was a delay, but it was ten minutes stuck with this view:

Grabbed lunch in Port Angeles, and headed to the ferry (once again, missing one by minutes, so waiting for another 45). Here is the view from the ferry with the city in the distance:

It was a relaxing couple of days in the woods. Next time I shouldn’t wait 18 months between visits.

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