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May '14

Trip Report: SEA-OAK-SEA Mileage Run.

Damned if the $138 round-trip seats were on the early morning planes – I set my alarm but didn’t arm it… and damn near missed my plane even with the lightest of carry ons. And I thought I appreciated TSA-Pre before – now I REALLY do.

I had just enough time to get to the airport, park on-site, get through the line, rush to the Board Room for a bagel, cream cheese, a couple of oranges and a couple of newspapers and it was off to the gate where First was already seated.

Seat 1A for the southbound portion, 1D for the return leg. Not back for $138 r/t. It was the bagel with the lox schemer on the way down (see this post for a picture) and a bowl of warm nuts on the return leg. Layover time in Oakland was a little over an hour—was supposed to be two hours but we had a “mechanical” in the plane in Seattle. I have to say that I was a little dazed and confused from lack of sleep. And not sleeping much on the flights.

Arrived back in Seattle and headed back to the Board Room for lunch – it’s free so why not. Well, not exactly free, there is the yearly membership fee and the extra $3 for another hour of parking in the garage. Italian Wedding Soup and a salad (see this post for a picture).

By the time I got home I was exhausted and just went to bed for a couple of hours – amazing how a little sleep will perk one right back up.

Stay tuned for next week’s big adventure….SEA-IAH-CDG-SFO-SEA for an Orient Express Exposition.


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